Zumba (2)

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Dear parents,

          I have had a great response with Zumba interests! I cannot wait to start this fun after school program with your students! I will be teaching to parents and children at 3:45 every Tuesday. I will also have a separate adult only class on Saturday’s. These classes will not begin until the week of September 15th. All classes will be $2.00. You can either pay per class or per month. You will receive a punch card to keep up with your payments. The punch card will stay in a box and will be punched at the beginning of every class if you are paying by class. If you are paying per month I will punch the card for the amount of days you have purchased. After every 10 classes you will receive 1 free class. Several students have come up to me asking if they can join after their various sports seasons are up. You are welcome to join anytime you would like. There is no commitment or sign up just come when you would like. We will not have class over large breaks such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, break Winter break, and Spring Break. Please make sure you have a change of clothing appropriate for working out. Your child will also want to pack a water bottle. We will begin classes in the cafeteria at 3:45 on Tuesdays and 9:30 on Saturday mornings for adults. Thank you for your interest in this fun exercise program. If you have any questions please contact me by email at Sharwell@stpaulptc.org.

                                                                   God’s Blessings,

                                                                   Shelby Harwell