In 2008, the Georgia General Assembly passed the original legislation creating the Georgia Qualified Education Expense (QEE) Tax Credit Program. Each year Georgia sets aside tax dollars to provides scholarships for students to attend private school. The tax credit set aside is currently 58 million dollars.
St. Paul Lutheran School has chosen to participate in this program. This program allows Georgia taxpayers to set aside a portion of their State Income tax dollars to support qualified student scholarships.
Georgia Taxpayers make a partial prepayment of their State tax to St. Paul’s chosen Student Scholarship Organization GASSO (Georgia Student Scholarship Organization). Taxpayers then receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against their 2016 Georgia State Income tax bill. This costs you nothing!
Your tax dollars provide a deserving student a scholarship to attend St. Paul Lutheran School and receive an excellent Christ centered education. You, the taxpayer, have the rare opportunity to redirect your tax dollars. These dollars
would have otherwise gone into the general fund of the Georgia Department of Revenue.
How often do you have the opportunity to see exactly where your tax dollars are spent? These are tax dollars that you already have to pay. Why not use your hard earned money to provide a student an opportunity to attend St. Paul Lutheran School.






To our 2016 Donors THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

 Your financial investment enables more students to afford a quality Christ Centered Christian education. We are honored by the trust your gift demonstrates, and we are grateful for your commitment to the Lord’s work. For our 2017 donors we encourage you to visit our Student Scholarship Organization’s (Georgia Student Scholarship Organization – GASSO) web site: www.georgiasso.us  NOW!

This website will familiarize yourself with the process. If you have contributed in the past the process will be the same.  Beginning NOW you may  “get in line” to be approved to make a 2017 donation.  This is a very easy way to take care of your donation without filling out any paperwork. Don’t forget: taxpayers with pass-through income from small businesses such as an LLC’s, Partnerships, or Sub Chapter- S Corporations can donate up to $10,000, or their actual Georgia income tax liability (whichever is less). You still have the option of contributing as an individual or married couple filing, jointly or separately.  Whichever option/options you qualify for as always you receive a dollar for dollar credit on your state income tax.   This costs you nothing!
Please consider contributing to our school. Sign up as early as possible. The 2016 Tax Credits were depleted as soon as the credits were available January 1st 2016!!!!! Please consider contributing up to the maximum allowed.  Due to the major popularity the past few years they have pro-rated the amount that could be donated.
Please do not miss out on this great opportunity to impact the ministry of St. Paul Lutheran Church and School!


Additional information and to sign up for this great opportunity please see GASSO’s website: www.GeorgiaSSO.us
Thank you,

 Kim Langner