MMO (Mother’s Morning Out) and Preschoolpre k

The Early Childhood Education program at St. Paul includes students in Mother’s Morning Out, Preschool and Kindergarten. The curriculum for the early years addresses the unique educational needs of these young children physically, emotionally, socially, academically and spiritually.

 Activities are planned to be appropriate to the age span of the children within each group and are implemented with attention to the different needs, interest and abilities of the individuals within the group. Children are encouraged to be expressive and creative and are challenged to grow in understanding and skills.

The classroom setting is alive with child-centered opportunities for learning which are either teacher directed or student initiated. Learning centers that support thematic units of study allow students to explore independently or with adult assistance. Free-play activity allows children to engage in self-defined tasks which allow for skill development, socialization and implementation of ideas.

Learning materials include a wealth of hands-on manipulatives that support the total development of the child in both the indoor and outdoor environments.

An essential dimension to the St. Paul curriculum recognizes that children are a gift from God and provides them with a foundation for their relationship with Him. Children are nurtured in classrooms that reflect the love of Jesus. They are helped to gain knowledge and understanding of the Holy Bible which reveals to them the love of their heavenly Father as shown through Jesus Christ, His Son. Children are encouraged in their faith life which guides daily living, prepares them for successful, productive lives as Christian adults in this world and sustains them in their earthly walk with God.


For more information on our MMO and Preschool program, contact our Admissions Office.