Early Childhood Elementary Program
We believe in the development of the whole child, and our curriculum – beginning with our youngest learners – is designed to bring out the full potential of each of our students. Our teachers create a supportive, stimulating, and fun, Christian environment that allows our youngest students to grow into confident and independent individuals and develop a lifelong love of learning. Because our classes are small and personal, children can explore their unique skills and talents, while developing new friendships and new confidence. We help your child build a wide range of skills for success, from learning to interact with peers to acquiring the foundations for scholastic success.


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Middle School
The St. Paul Middle School Program works in partnership with families to meet the developmental needs of students in grades 6-8. The middle school years are years of change as students put the days of elementary school behind them and prepare for the rigors of high school. To encourage families as they navigate these years of uncertainty, middle school teachers work diligently in multi-disciplinary teams to help meet the spiritual, academic, emotional, and physical challenges of this energetic age group.
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